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Enhancing consciously community culture


Freigeist von Lebenskunst
Studied stone age archeologist,
community experimenter &
evolutionary philosopher



The current revival of tribal socialisation modes is often critizised for itīs ethnocentricity. "Tribal" has even become a pseudonym for any kind of selforiented, intolerant incrowd. Often itīs believed, that this exclusive behaviour would be generally typical for the tribal stage of human evolution (like in Integralism) and can be observed in the majority of nowadays still existing tribal cultures. But that hypothesis is directly contradicted by the archeology of tribal societies. Already since the late paleolithic hunter-gatherer-tribes of Europe formed obviously supertribal federations, that met regularly at common meeting points like the site of Dolni Vestonice, where mammooth hunters of the whole region met to hunt, to trade, to procreate, to perform common religious rituals & assumably to discuss political decisions. This tradition reaches down all the paleolithic history of occident & orient via Göbekli Tepe to the neolithic Stonehenge. Even some of the early civilisations like the Indus-valley-civilisation seem to have selforganized as supertribal networks. And still the ancient Greeks with their tribal oligarchies formed a network of city states, that was working as a supertribal alliance. That means, that more sophisticated supertribal cultures already overcame ethnocentricity long ago. The high ethnocentricity of the nowadays last indigen people often seem to be more connected to the extreme environments of their hostile retreats (like deep jungle) in combination with a high density of tribal population in severe competition for territory (like in New-Guinea). But even those ethnocentric tribes have an elaborated culture of appeasement rituals to meet their neibourghs for trade, political alliances, gen-exchange and so on. The Konrad Lorenz student Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeld wrote excellent behaviouristic books about this topic. So we could assume, that overcoming ethnocentricity is since long a cultural challenge for tribal life styles of all kind. An interesting question now would be: How did and do tribes solve this challenge? Can we oberserve some cultural metaprogramming techniques, that we could use for our nowadays challenges to overcome tribal ethnocentricity towards tribal cosmopolitanity? Surely there are a lot of techniques of creating trust between strangers. Maybe to much to list them all here, but enough to write an own essay about it. Impatient ones may find satisfaction in the lecture of Eibl-Eibesfeld. But for now itīs more important to understand the underlying deep motivations of tribes to behave exclusively or inclusively. One can see here the much older biological and physical principle of contraction and expansion at work on the socio-cultural level. The exclusive ethnocentric tribe state is a circle with faces inward and backs to the world. This state is required to sustain a protected high quality social life with ones most beloved. Also to protect and provide the upgrowing children with a nourishing and secure social space. And for political decisions the tribe is building an exclusive basic democratic discussion circle. The inclusive cosmopolitan tribe state is a circle with faces outward and backs inward. The tribal members are backing each other to face the world and to include it into their tribal life. This state makes sense to connect the tribe with the bigger society - for trade, democratic politics, new friendships and social interactions of all kind. A healthy tribe changes itīs behaviour patterns dependent on itīs current necessities and behaves sometimes more exclusively, sometimes more inclusively. And tribe members or subgroups can behave contrarily to the maintribe, when that makes sense. For example some community members can create a social security zone for the children, while others are out to work in society. Nowadays neotribal communities seem to tend much more to the ethnocentric stage, because this is important for their initial internal selforganisation process. They are still not real tribes with millenia of tribal culture in their backs, but a bunch of family educated, school indoctrinated and system alienated people, who like to gather in a tribe-like social structure. Neotribes, which went successfully through their initiation periode and became socially stabile and selfconfident, normally donīt need a mainly ethnocentristic orientation any more, but can afford to open themselves much more to the world. So if one observes a consciously growing neotribe over years, one can see it concentrating first on the internal organisation of a tribal space and group commucation and then presenting itself to the world by externally oriented projects. Typical is the friends circle of artist who leave the city to build a permaculture farm on the country side - and when itīs running, they begin to invite guests for vernissages, concerts and other creative happenings. So a selfconsciously ripening neotribe should be aware of the principle of inclusivity and exclusivity and how to bring this contrary states into a coherently free flowing balance of the inside and the outside world of tribal community life. In an integral worldview this would mean to integrate tribal ethnocentricity through the cultivation of tribal cosmopolitanity synergistically into the higher organisation level of the bigger global society.



Tribal children leave their mothers as ablactants to join the agemixed tribal children group. They dontīt have parents or get educated by adults, but learn to socialize selforganized with other children, informed by their curiousity and playfullness and inspired by their social instincts and the social culture of the tribe around. This transition from a dependend sibling to an independend child is known in psychology as transition from the oral to the anal stage. The anal stage is called as such, because it refferes to a very old biological pattern of mammal behaviour, who mark their territory by excrementing openly on it. The beginning of the human anal stage therefore is often quite obviously connected with a periode, where the child gets faszinated by itīs own excrements. Basically the childīs own free will is awakening in this stage and it claimes itīs own territory and social souvereignity. In a sane tribal culture this fully awakening free will is the base of the following completely voluntary and instinctively joyfull socialisation of the child.
But in family based societies the child in this age is submissed under the beginning education by parents or other adult educators. Many children rebel openly against their suppression - thatīs why this transition stage in family societies is known as "defiance stage". But sooner or later the children normally learn, that their rebellion has no change against the organized will of the adults world, so that they "willingly" submiss under their education - which means, that they give up great parts of their own free will, to obey the will of the authorities and the artificial laws of their culture. Letīs make it even more clear, what happens here: The childīs ownwilling nature (IT) is raped and submissed systematically by itīs own culture (SUPER-EGO), enslaved by itīs own people. And the child has not only learn to accept this and live with it, but to love itīs rapers (parents/educators). This deeply traumatized "anal disturbance" is the source of nearly all sado-masocistic disorders, which are the sublimated and projected hate against the beloved parental rapers.
As a result of the supression of the childīs own free will it normally has no chance to unfold instinctively itīs full emotional and social maturity, but stays more or less inmature, partly fixed in the siblings oral stage. Exactly that is wanted, because family societies are the products of empires, who rule by dividing the people and keep them as dependent subjects. The nowadays socalled "democracies" are all heirs of former empires, that still maintain the family as the social cradle of subjects. Because of this fact so many civilized adults still today behave like little children, even like dependend siblings, because they were never allowed to fully mature to real adults. One can recognize their anal disturbance by analysing their favourite jokes: A lot of anal jokes around shit, poo, farts and so on, especially amongst men, is a secure sign for a high grade of social and emotional inmaturity of the individuum or group, who makes such jokes. The oral fixation is recognizable through social cults around mainly oral behaviour patterns, like socializing aroung drinking alkohol, smoking tabacco or pot, or even to discuss all day long (thatīs the typical oral fixation of intellectuals).
To get out of the individual "subject state" and to overcome emotional and social inmaturity, itīs possible for adults to understand, overcome and heal their oral fixation and anal disturbance in a postmaturation process, that can be consciously and willingly initiated. Best a mature group of healers invites the initiate to a postmaturation initiation ritual, where the initiate is recommended to shit (literally or symbolically) on everything, thatīs not based on his or her free will - and to swear to him/herself to start a postmaturation process with the purpose of sorting out step by step, which learned behaviour patterns are own willed and which artificially enforced. At the end just ownwilling old patterns should be allowed to continue and new ownwilling patterns to thrive. After the initiation the postmaturation process itself needs normally at least some monthīs and should be performed in a mature social group situation, where the initiate can learn as adult, what he/she should have learned already as a child in a selforganized children group: How to socialize not by societies artificial moralty and group pressure, but by free will based longing for instinctive social empathy.
The postmaturation initiations can be an essential tool to overcome many of the problems, that so many postmodern neotribes currently are facing with the emotional and social inmaturity of their members. So many alternative projects are failing after some while, because their members can not handle complicated social situations and dynamics in a mature way. Unnecessary conflicts, unreflected projections and the kindergarten wars of traumatized childisch egos, playing sado-masochistic games with each other, are often much more dangerous for the success of a community project then external hindrances.
Who is interested now in deepening this topic, may feel heartly welcome to contact me for exchange of ideas and inspirations. Also I offer 1.) postmaturation initiations for interested initiates and 2.) Initiations for initiators, who want to learn, how to perform postmaturation initiations ...



Humans trapped themselves long ago in a cultural system of selfdomestication, that serves them very badly and in the long run threatens mankind with selfextinction. Itīs important to understand for everybody, who wants to try to found a new kind of community or society, that all nowadays civilized cultures are no friends of humanity, but designed to raise and keep humans as lifestock of their own society and their elites. The main enemy of this kind of culture is our free human nature, that tends to selforganize, selfsocialize and selfcultivate in voluntary groups. So civilisations spend a vast amount of cultural energy to keep our true potential down. In school for example we learn mainly things, that weīre gonna forget soon, but this kind of learning trains us, to obey rules and conditions, that are obviously senseless, but given by authority and therefore have to be accepted at all cost. Our culture is full of this kind of bullshit, that we learned to accept. We ourselves are so full of voices in our heads, that keep us in inner conflict and fear of social sanctions, that the most of us donīt even see any more, that we have long ago interiolized a complete set of techniques to keep us down by ourselves. Once educated, most people donīt need an external master any more, to play their own tyrant and exploiter on behalf of their society. Such societies can even call themselves democracies, what means realistically to give the slaves just some more free range, to motivate them for more voluntary selfexploitation. When people, who are raised in this way try to develop a new culture, they normally will start from what they know. And you can bet, that the result will be as senseless as every domesticative culture before. Just the typical enslavement of people by their own believe system. Thatīs why itīs never working to replace one ideology with another one. If you cut the old authorities head, a new authority will pop up. The only real alternative is to clearly observe and reject domestication in all itīs forms. Thatīs human slavery - nothing less - and worth to overcome it consciously. That means basically to reconnect to our more or less forlorn inner nature, to revive our sane instincts, to follow our intuition and to ground our lives and sociality on the millions of years of collected and concentrated evolutionary wisdom of our biology and brain structure. Our nature, like all nature, is much wiser than our childish civilisation and itīs inmature culture. The best way to naturalize us is to start a conscious group healing over a longer course of time in a natural environment, for example on a selforganized organical farm, where people can learn to feed each other nutricionally and socially with the most natural stomach- and soul-food available. If the community members inner nature is healing increasingly during this process, the community can beginn to cultivate itself on itīs newfound instinctive base. Artificial morality can be replaced by natural empathy. Cultural power hierarchies on the base of authoritarian dominance can be replaced by competence hierarchies based on free willing orientation towards mastership, wisdom and social competence. Ideological, exclusive head politics can be replaced by inclusive heart politics from and for the people. A culture, that is based on a sane inner nature, will thrive from itself and serve human interests. Thatīs our atractor, we first beginn to work hard to reach for against our old cultural traits, but increasingly becoming pulled by instinctive feelings of personal and collective fullfillment, that appears out of the new highly energetical coherence between our inner nature and culture.  If this process works successfully, at the end there will be a group of naturally free, dedomesticated people, who create their own culture. No more sheeples, but real humans, with whome you can start a new society.  


- bringing IT, EGO & SUPEREGO in coherence

The basement of every sane community and society are sane human individuals. Because our current civilisation is quite insane in many perspectives, the vast majority of people are quite disturbed as well. Their inside is as conflictive as the competitive society outside and needs to be healed for any further successfull socialisation.
In a psychologically sane human being the inner psychic trinity of IT (instinctive psychic nature), EGO (individual body consciousness and persona) and SUPEREGO (integrated cultural programms) are working synergistically together as a coherently embodied psyche. Our psychic nature is made to provide us in all possible terrestrial environments with basic survival skills plus higher socialisation instincts plus playfull curiosity and creativity. Our internalized culture is meant to be the linguistic and mental crown of our instinctive nature, capable of complex communication, flexible understanding and conscious evolving in a certain environment. The EGO in their midst is meant to manage successfully our individual body, provide us with a social personality and focus consciousness now and here on a concentrated point in time and space. All three nourish and support each other. This type of sane psyche is most often found in hunter-gatherer-hordes and primitive tribes. In higher cultivated tribes and early civilisations this sanity becomes increasingly rare with increasing enforcement of cultural domestication.  All higher civilisations developed this tendency further on towards inner and outer nature hostility, so that the SUPEREGO imposes itself with educational enforcement upon our natural instincts to supress and deny or tame and exploit them. The christian lust hostility is a typical example, that turned nowadays in itīs opposite as capitalistic porn industry. The EGO is in most civilized people not the connection and concentration of the greater realms of nature and culture in a human individual, but an isolated, selfish, narcizistic entity, that is kept illusionary and dependend by itīs culture, to be ruled and exploited. The suppressed IT produces demon armies of psychic shadows, that mostly dwell in the subconscious, where our inner nature is kept and tormented in the dungeons of our culture. On the individual and collective level those demons raise inner conflict and outer war to attack and destroy itīs oppressing culture like an underground guerrilla army against the empires systemic forces.
Who wants to heal from this inner chaos of conflicting psychic entieties, can recalibrate oneself with an INNER TRINITY HEALING. First step is to spend some time in wild nature and learn to reconnect with ones instincts. Best in a group situation with a conscious healing programm, to include the awakening of our social instincts, too. Second step is to widen ones EGO-perspective from the isolation illusion through INNER SELF MEDITATION and spiritual all-unity-experiences, to understand our EGO as a tiny individual tip of the greater mountain ridges of civilisation and cosmos. Third step would be a conscious cultural value recalibration. Everything learned, that does not serve one, has to be recognized and banished. Everything learned, that nourishes ones inner nature and ones self-connected EGO, may flourish. Any new cultural content one learns, shall empower and embalance ones inner sanity. The more one heals, the more one can feel, how the inner coherence is producing an ever greater psychic energy to provide our thriving. Inner peace is growing and outer conflicts are vanishing. Individual and collective can come more easily in coherent flow with each other.


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