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H u  m  a  n
children selforganisation,
renewing the natural horde model
to create souvereign and social
h     u     m     a     n     s
and sane societies

A founding manual
from Freigeist von Lebenskunst
Studied stone age archeologist,
children hordes founder &
evolutionary philosopher

This manual is in
permanent development.
Therefore it can be interesting
to come back later and seize the news.
This version here is from:

Thereīs a newer German version available
on the German version of this website


     Upclimbing all the prehistory of humanisation our ancestors selforganized successfully in hordes and later in tribes – the natural community socialisation form of our species. Their children selforganised in an own children horde under the protection of the adults and learned there to socialize by instinct and free will, following playfully their curiosity. Therefore they were able to grow up to souvereign and social humans, who were able to think for themselves, feel each other empathically and to develop exactly that free will to collective power, that drove our species upwards to become the crown of terrestrial evolution.   
    But when humans began to tame each other in the civilisation process, they destroyed the old basicdemocratic horde structures and build up the patriarchal family-society with itīs power pyramide (some early cultures developed a matriarchy instead) and submitted their children under the family-education and the following dressage of the current regimen. Since then children donīt grow up any more to free, social beings who selforganize a communal live of their own choice, but to slaves of the system who act under remote control of their society and itīs ruling elites. This new type of civilized humans donīt unfold any more their full species-potential, but suffers from severe educational traumata, nonage, egocentrism, civilisation neurosis, replacement needs und collective mass-psychosis that threaten them collectively with the severe danger of civilisation collaps. Thatīs not really human any more, but as inhuman as an agelong system slavery for humans could be.

    Parents and pedagogues who are interested to avoid the submission of their children under an educaters will and institutionalized authority, can find in this text a practical manual to found a natural horde-specific children group, in which the children can grow up selforganized by free will and social instincts to sane, responsable basic democrats. Orientation points are ethnological studies of children selforganisation in the last nowadays indigene people (at least if they still maintain their traditional horde or tribe structure), the comparison with the social apes and other species of higher mammals with horde-similar group structure and children group, archeological and historical knowledge about the lifestyle of our ancestors and last, but not least nowadays observations of selforganized children groups in liberate postmodern environments. I as author of this text, refer to my knowledge about our ancestors socialisation as a studied archeologist with topic „hunter/gatherer cultures“. Also I founded a selforganized children group for myself and share here my observations and practical experiences. And I can guarantee, that a selforganized childrens horde is much better working than the average family life.
    In this sense I wish all parents, pedagogues and interested ones who want to overcome the patriarchy a lot of inspiration and energy.

Freigeist von Lebenskunst

Berlin, July 2013

Basic structure and lifestyle of the children horde

    In the natural horde life human children just stay with their mother as babies and need in this time an intimate mother-child-relationship to develop a sane social basic trust. The father normally is not known and donīt play a parental role. Instead the mothers selforganize with their babies to a womens group whose members support each other by caring for the babies who therefore grow up into a very intimate communal life from the very beginnig of their lives. With their ablactation, when the little children can eat and walk by themselves they remove increasingly from their mother and join the children horde that stays nearby the mothers group in itīs own souvereign space. So horde children leave with 2-3 years their nest und grow up with other children instead of parents under the protection of the adults. The children selforganize in mixed ages from ablactation up to beginning puberty. The little children are seeking consolation and advice from the older ones, who are challenged therefore to unfold their instinctive abilities of caring love and social responsability, which means to play a parental-like role from childhood on. The older ones also are orientated towards the adults of the horde, whose behaviour and culture they imitate playfully and convey it to the smaller children in a child-appropriate language. Children of the same age tend to be competitive, because they can match and strengthen their equal powers and abilities with each other. The older children then play a role as a mediator in cases of confliction. The adults donīt try to influence the children by educating them, but show them the basic behavioural borders that are important for the survival of the horde (for example not to destroy food) and besides provide them unconditionally with shelter, food and cultural patterns, trusting the sane unfolding of human instincts which ripened through millions of years to a highly developed evolutionary wisdom, so itīs just necessary to give the children all support and informations they want to have. Because human children are extraordinary curious, they want to learn by themselves what they will need in their later live and demand the corresponding knowledge and skills from the adults. Because horde humans live in gender groups (the women build a selt-sufficient group and the men one or more independent teams) the children tend to gender-specific games with growing age, which means that the boys e.g. are playing "team-building" meanwhile the girls e.g. lend babies from the mothers and play "motherhood". The older boys beginn to follow the adult men in their daily activities and the older girls follow the women. In their puberty they get introduced into the world of the adults by puberty-rituals.

Civilized original sins against species-appropriate children socialisation

        The civilized education trespasses against the natural horde socialisation of the children in some important points.
    First of all the majority of babies are suffering damages in their social basic trust, because their mothers never developed the full maturity of a sane baby treatment because of their own educational damages. Also the cleanliness-education that begins in this age forces the children very early to counteract against their own natural impulses. Civilized babies therefore are screaming much more than it would be necessary from their physical pains (like getting teeth).
    In the so-called "defiance-phase", when children want to follow their instinctive impulse to leave their mother and join the children horde, the infantine own will to become independent is broken or bended by the parental will (the child is homebound and has to obey the parental will). This pressure to submission is traumatizing the child and forbids itīs upgrowing to a fully mature adult. Wether the educational pressure is performed with more penalty or more reward just causes different educational damages, but doesnīt differ in itīs basic tendency to enslave the child. This process is comparable with the grafting of a fruit tree, in which the tree is cutted above itīs natural root and crowned artificially by another treetop. Likewise civilized children are cutted of from their natural instinctive unfolding in the defiance-phase and superimposed by a cultural superstruction which they have to obey furthermore and grow up under itīs remote control. But because the infantine own will is basically the natural impuls of all living beings, to unfold themselves from the innerst of live as free as possible to the outside world, where they play with other own wills the great game of live, children under remote control never grow up to souvereign creators of their own live but to robot-like creatures of their makers and programmers. The such imprinted ones are normally becoming more or less narcistic, wobbling between a masochistic lust of submission (under authorities) and a sadistic lust of subduing weaker ones and seem to be quite selfish due to their lacking natural social competence.
    Children, that are forced artificially under parental will instead of growing natural into a sane social life with other children are fixed to "under-4-eyes-relationships", which make them more or less incompetent for later teamwork. They tend to clasp at one partner ("Only YOU!") and cramp him or her. Also they learn to look up to authorities and to do what they want them to do. At first hand the authorities are the parents, later the representatives of the system (state, religion, economy etc.) whome the subjected ones are following like a herd of sheeps - even if they know that they are following to the slaughtering block.
    During the educational process frequently the instinctive infantine curiousity is subjected, because the children must not learn what they want, but what they should. So they learn not to ask questions any more and develop to fatalists, who canīt do anything more but accepting their fate as it was created by others. This phenomenon is much more common in the lower classes of civilized societies (who should work without questioning) then in the upper classes, which children often should stay curious enough to learn the knowledge and the abilities to rule and exploit the lower classes. When childrens even are kept away from playing, like in agrarical societies, they loose nearly completely the ability to create their lives by themselves through joyful learning and normally even cannot socialize themselves liberately, what degrades them to dependent working robots. 
    When only children of the same age are put together, like itīs use in kindergarten and school, they are encouraged to overact their natural competition between equals, without integrating it in a complete social environmet considering weaker ones and orientating towards the more mature ones. For any actually goberning system this is perfect, because in this way it can train itīs children quite easy to work against each other instead of learning how to selforganize and create their own culture. The romans called this principle of power: "Divide et impera!" - "Divide and dominate!". The type of humans that grows up from such overcompetitive children tend to be militant and selfish and the corresponding societies are therefore inhuman and asocial. 
    In the modern core-family the well-meant use of keeping children in single rooms has grown to a solitary confinement which complicates the free socialisation with other children and rises up bold egoists. Like prisoners they are just allowed to leave their room to practice games or works that are conform to the parental will and ruling system. Even the so-called "anti-authoritarian" education has maintained this isolation torture und raised especially asocial egoists. 
    But even living together with brothers and sisters often is not better, because they are fixed to their parents and have to compete for their attention, so they often have a relationship like cat and dog. After all a family situation (even if itīs looking sane at first sight) is fundamentally not species-appropriate for humans, because marriage and family-education were once created to subject and control free horde-humans. Otherwise in a children horde there are always enough other children willing to give attention and love to the ones who need it and declare their need.
    After the children toiled themselves through their education and at last became adult they pass officially for mature and free, but are forced by the actual regimen to stay furthermore in their infantine role of dependency and submiss themselves under the state or god or their boss or whatever other authority. In the so-called liberal societies they got just a bit more leash, but not really basical freedom. Such kind of still childish adults are normally not really able to take responsability and also are quite neurotical, so it seems necessary to lead them and give them moral rules they have to obey to. Meanwhile even the leaders and moral authorities (with no bigger differences between elected ones or dictators) frequently are high-grade neurotics, who cannot really answer what they do or let. No wonder - civilized societies are not only taming and bending their subjects but their elites even more intensive.
    Alltogether this kind of educating children and keeping adults childish causes the age-long world war of "human culture against human nature" in which the sane human instincts are defamed and replaced by artificial behaviour. Therefore every kind of wildness is subjected and the so-called "normality" proliferates to an original sin of the civilized society against humanity and naturallity - at last so life-threatening that it seemingly wants to culminate in the upcoming selfdestruction of civilisation itself.

Postmodern revival of children hordes

    After the civilised children education distorted and degenerated humans and their societies very dangerously, itīs high time now to revive the species-appropriate model of a sane socialisation in children hordes. Especially in the more liberate western world, where the traditional family-lifestyle is dissolving and the need for a new community live is growing, the chances to revive a natural humanity are quite good. Also a few decades of community experiences with children and the work of alternative school systems (like free schools, Montessori, Summerhill etc.) have showed clearly, that the selforganisation of children is not only working in stoneage conditions but in postmodern mass societies, too. Therefore the question is: What exactly do we need to revive children hordes again, now?
    First the children need a functioning community of adults that sustains the children horde and creates a free space for the infantine selforganisation. For the functioning of the adult community itīs necessary to design it as a therapeutical community from the beginning. Because educated - which means nearly automatically insane - adults would not be good idols for the children and a possible disturbance for any community live, the therapeutical group is best orientated towards the healing of educational damages and the post-maturation of the natural human instincts (a more precise description of a therapeutical group you can find in the reader "Tribal newvival" from the author of this text here). But it should be mentioned that the observation of nowadays seltorganizing children groups (like in wagenburgen or other alternative communities) shows, that also children of a not completely sane adult community tend to create hordes if they just have the oportunity to do so (e.g. if the adults are so busy with their own personal and social problems that they like to send out their children to play with other children).
    Most important is that the parents and especially the mothers are really willing to set their children free. This is not certain at all - even not with parents who wish to let their children grow up as free as possible - because the most mothers are so damaged by their education, that they are emotionally and socially not completely mature and therefore like to exploit the dependency of their children. At length mother-child-relationships are emotionally much more productive and prolonged then the most friendships or partnerships. And the typical parental egoism ("This is MY child and I decide how it should grow up!") also often complicates the infantine liberation.
    A children horde best should be of mixed ages to avoid that the children live in conditions of prolonged competition and need frequently reconciliation from adults. Also it should be of mixed genders, so that boys and girls can grow up with each other and get to know the specifics of the other gender - even if they tend to go different ways of live with increasing age.
    Children hordes need their own shelter, which the children mostly like to build up for themselves. That means, that they begin to build up one or more little houses or huts or tents which are inspired by the architecture of the adults or they squat a own room in a community house and arrange the interior like they want to. The children want to learn in this way instinctively to build a shelter against environmental disturbances. In this houses the children also play cooking or building tools or they take their time for gathering erotical experiences or whatever they need to learn playfully to grow step by step into the world of the adults. Itīs very important that no adult steps into the children house without permission, so that the children can experience it as a space of infantine souvereignty and creativity.
    But it would be naive to think that a nowadays children horde can exist completely without adult interference, because normally the children already suffer from their first educational disorders and sometimes cannot solve the conflicts that are growing on this playground of neurosis. Therefore it makes sense if at least one or a few adults who already went through a therapeutical maturity group can work as mediators with the children - but keeping their influence as small as possible. The optimum would be like in the original horde life, that a few adults always are somewhere near the children for interfering if help or protection is needed, but stay in the background the rest of the time.
    Especially important can be the adult interference to avoid that a children group is selforganizing as a gang instead of a horde, like itīs known e.g. from street children in ghetto situations. A children gang is characterized by a pyramide of power, with a gang leader who is normally the worst brute, a heap of sheeplike nominal members and some underdogs who can be kicked by everybody who is frustrated enough to do so. Such a gang is created by educationally more disturbed children and is not more than an insane imitation of a completely crazy adult society. For adults who recognize such a situation itīs important to protect the children from tyrannic leadership and to foster their abilities to socialize themselves in a way they can protect themselves at last. Sane children hordes are build up in a circle of equals, in which a natural authority is given only temporarily and specific to the child whose skills are mostly needed in one given moment. The child for example who has the best idea what to play next will get the other ones attention until another child has a good idea how to refine the game even more and gets attention for this. Children who are socially more competent (often elder ones with more maturity) stand more often in the center of attention because they are quite popular and the other ones often like to orientate towards them. But they are no boss or chief with real power - they are just temporary leaders because of their highly developed humanity.
    Also very important is it for the adults to inform the civilized society and their officials what a children horde is and to protect the horde against bureaucratical attacks. Complaints of neighbours, denounces to the police, worried officials etc. are normally a part of the daily routine, especially in the beginning of a children horde project, because free children are doing what they want to do and not what they are supposed to do. The obligation to attend school - if it exists, like in Germany - should be integrated creatively in the children hordes life. Surely itīs important to offer formation possibilities to the children to feed their neverending curiosity and prepare them for the life in a highly complex global world. But because normal schools teach children not very much about life but try to train them to become biorobots of the system, they are like poison for them. Therefore it would be advisable to let the children go to a free school or offer them homeschooling or just organize books, tools, internet etc. and show them, what they can achieve with it. If the children show personal interests or talents the adults should provide the deepening of these interest, until they are maybe tending to become a profession or vocation. 
    And last but not least a adult who want to cofound a children horde should be prepared to move step by step in this direction. To revive a way of life that was submitted, banned and completely forgotten in society for hundreds and thousands of years is and will be a difficult challenge. Therefore it can be useful for example to begin with a part-time children horde where the children can learn at least to selforganize a part of their time, meanwhile they stay the rest of the time with their parents. This can make sense if the adults donīt live in a community but in a network of separate families and their children can meet every day on the same playground. Itīs not about being perfect from the beginning, but to become better and better and gather precious experiences that we lost during the patriarchal education history. Thereīs a lot of space for exciting investigations and experiments. And the headliners are anyway the children. We adults can only become their supporters.
    If the experiment is working well - and we can trust in the natural human potential that wants just to unfold liberately from child to adult - horde children will grow up to become free, social humans who are able to found and bear selforganized communities, based on the joy of live and able to network planetary intelligence. Just like the horde life in itīs prehistorical final times created tribes and supertribes with an interregional culture of high humanity. And like the offshoots of summerhill or other nowadays selforganized children groups give hope to the success of the horde lifestyle under postmodern circumstances. Exactly this very old and maybe now renewing type of really and fully human humans we could urgently need now, when the patriarchal civilization is clearly heading for selfdestruction. Horde children are a light above the horizon of civilisation healing that could shiver bright like the sun in the blue skies of mankind - if we more or less educated ones just would tolerate such untamed wildness.

Freigeist von Lebenskunst



As poet, philosopher & prophet,
as libertarian &  philanthrope I
demand hereby from civilized
humanity the nature given
to unfold their own free will
and to join an agemixed,
selforganized children group

of their choice since ablactation
(when the child can eat, walk, speak
& remember,  psychologically the defiance
phase in between the oral and anal phase,
usually between 2-3 years).

Furtheron I demand for children
since ablactation the nature given
right to stay ineducated by force in
their children group and be able to
follow their natural curiosity and
social playfullness to inform
themselves joyfully by their
own free chosen will.

Freigeist von Lebenskunst
August 19. 2020, La Gomera


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