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The living Earth
wanted a planetary brain.
So she grew mankind
as her cerebral cortex
and enlightend in it a
global consciousness - US:
G A I A´ S  S P I R I T !
WE think, feel and act
for the whole planet !
WE´re here to guard and
grow natural paradises and
to create cultural heavens !
WE´re awakening NOW
to claim OUR PLANET !

B A S E   C O N F E S S I O N :

We humans encarnate on Earth as an evolutionary species
on the way from animal to god, from local tribe to global society
and from earthlings to starborns. We´re transformers and innovators,
seeking enligtenment and omnipotent creativity. We´re meant to unfold our
personal potentials and drive mankinds evolution upwards. We´re the youngest
children of  G A I A -  creatures of the holy union of heaven and hell, sky and earth.
We´re carried, nourished and inspired by our homeplanet, enligtened and blessed
by the sun and guided by the stars all around. We´re called to organize ourselves
collectively as Earth´s cerebral cortex and awaken to planetary intelligence on
our further way to cosmic consciousness. So let´s empower and embrace,
celebrate and create us humans as the evergrowing crown of terrestrial
 evolution. Let´s dedicate ourselves to guard and grow natural paradises
and create cultural heavens, to protect the Earth from outside harm and
support her inner thriving and ascending. In this earthly sense let´s
evocate and encarnate, embody and enlighten GAIAS SPIRIT.
Free for everybody to join in. Without dogma or priesthood
and fully aware, that our goddess GAIA is originally a
human idea about hailing and healing our living
superorganism Earth. This is cosmopolitan
spirituality for the 21. century: Free will
based, liberately selforganized
and in ongoing evolution,
just waiting for YOUR
loving cocreation ...

F O U N D E R :

Born in the revolutionary year 1967
to become lifelong fascinated in evolution.

Studied archeologist and ecologist, practising futurist
and ecosystem designer, evolutionary philosopher and writer.
Scientist, artist & mystic in one. Advocate of the living Earth.
Berlin - Canary Islands - Earthwide

G A I A ´ S   S P I R I T
is a project of my THINK TANK
for new information age zeitgeist:

To avoid misunderstandings:
Never ever see me
as a GURU !

I just collect & develop
psychological & physiological,
sociological & ecological techniques for personal
& collective evolution and offer them to the public for
 free use and further development (copyleft). As a
free willing tool of living creation I can only
guide you to empower yourself,
I can only inspire you to awake
your own collective
I can only tell you:
"YOU shall be YOUR
Healer & Liberator,
Recognizer & Lover,
Master & Creator ! ! !"

O F F E R S :

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Earth hailing and healing
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around the philosophy of GAIAS SPIRIT

to overcome a personal or collective crisis

Current project for participators:

GAIAS TEMPLE in foundation
La Gomera - Canarian Islands

We seek donators & supporters
to found a spiritual & ecological
center for desert regreening
& Earth healing on the
magical island

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C O N T A C T :

E-mail: info@gaiasspirit.com

telephone or video conference
please demand my
phone number by E-mail

.    I also speak German & Spanish   .

My main work is of public interest
and based on donations ... so if
you like to support me, please
feel heartly welcome to