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  The religiosity of GAIAīS SPIRIT

- holistically - dogma free - priestless - selfenlightening -

    We humans are creatures with two faces: Weīre half material and exterior, half psychical and interior. So we experience ourselves and the world always in this bipolarity: We feel for example something solid under our feet through the solidity of our feet - and then we interprete this experience through the psychic lens of former personal experiences, learned cultural values and unconsciously adapted prejudices and call it in common sense:"Ground". This filling of material experiences with mental meanings is called "animism". Humans animate things with their thoughts about them. In contrary we tend to "materialize" some of our mentally created ideas by encorporating them in the material world by handcraft or other creative acts as a touchable "work". If both - animism and materialism - work consciously hand in hand, the physical world and the psychic experience, the everyday worldly life and the spiritual encounter of the great mystery enrich and empower each other. If they work against each other, like in the majority of historically jounger religions and materialisms, matter and spirit are in war. The occident for example was during the medival millenium quite indoctrinated by the christian spirituality, which denied and treated our physical body and the physical world as sinfull and tainted. Since the rise of the mechanistical nature sciences and their technological miracles in the last centuries we see a more and more materialistic worldview arising, killing god, denying spirit, sensing the world as dead, coincidently and senseless, seeing humans as exploitable biorobots and plundering the living biosphere until itīs desertification and massextinction. Purely materialistic alike purely spiritual wordviews are never working in the long run, because they deny one half of natureīs law of psycho-physical-bipolarity. This suppressed "shadow-half" will demand itīs rights with permanent unconscious rebellion against the currently ruling worldview, until itīs able to overthrow their supressor. So we see in elder cultures with a long known history, that spiritual and materialistic worldviews alternate in an age long battle between hostile poles. A healthy worldview should avoid this war by embracing both poles at once and bring them into a harmonious interplay. So the challenge of a free spirituality as a psychical art will be, to swing back the pendulum from nowadays extreme materialism towards growing spirituality - but just half the way, until a healthy balance of physical life and psychical awareness is reached. To much spirituality will leave the esoterics again in highly imaginative heavens without solid ground under their feet. Free spirituality - like any sensemaking spirituality - can only exist in a harmonious synergy with the material aspects of the world. Free spirituality is free because itīs able to swing forth and back between the poles and generate out of this swing higher and higher dances of existence and melodies of possibilities. Free spirituality is the freedom of choice and creativity in us, that becomes selfaware of itīs divine nature. Itīs the path of free willing "human divination" - and in itīs counterpole the path of divine encarnation in human flesh or "divine humanisation". But free spirituality reaches itīs outermost freedom, where it leaves even the polarity of spirit/matter behind and dives deep down into the formless, motionless, innermost POTENTIAL of all being, where everything solves into and rises from.
    Free spirituality can only exist free of any dogma. Not the identification with the exchangable contents of animism is important - for example, if we call the divine principle "god" or what so ever -, but the consciousness, that and how we animate the physical world actually, so that we can recognize us as an encarnated creative spirit in a physical world, that we animate and move, meanwhile itīs animating and moving us through other spirits and forces. Itīs one big game we all play with each other, consciously or unconsciously. The ideal condition of existence under such circumstances is to come into the free flow of life around and inside. Thereīs nothing unchangable in a world thatīs ever changing and flowing - not even the word of a god, received by a prophet. A cosmos, which plays "evolution" can per se not even know an unchangable god. And anyway there can be no eternal and universal truth about the whole cosmos or even the whole Earth, that a human could fully grasp with his limited five senses and his specific mamalian brain structure. Free spirituality can only provide us with the ability to wonder in amazement, facing the great mystery, that we all are, so ungraspable, that human words should not dare to lock it in the dungeons of human language and meaning.
   Free spirituality donīt need priests as well, because the core of every real spiritual experience is always and ever a SELFEXPERIENCE, thatīs happening in our innermost, deepest self, even if we use a collective ritual to reach this intimate inner state. To be able to make such a spiritual selfexperience, one needs just to know and practise the right spiritual techniques (for example certain meditation techniques). Everybody can learn such techniques to disolve their ego and meet their innermost self, to experience all-unity, immortality and the inner light, that shines brighter than all suns together. One can learn it from books, from the internet, from inspiring people or professional teachers. For newcomers maybe a spiritual community with experienced elders can be a good learning approach. The best teacher of all is surely life itself, confronting us with ever new situations to learn and grow spiritually. We just have to oberserve the wordly happenings and itīs meanings for us as objective as possible, as well as we should observe our own thoughts, feelings and motivations as neutral as possible. Free spirituality therefor always thrives best in selfreflected and selforganized form - as individually chosen vision quest in the forest or as common singing and dancing celebration into free flowing community bliss.
     In this sense I wish all spiritual seekers successfully selforganized selfenlightenment experiences - and hope to give a convincing example of free spirituality with "GAIAīS SPIRIT" and itīs offered collection of multiple selfenlightenment techniques.


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